Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge The Wallflower Live Drama

I absolutely love The Wallflower anime. It is one of my favorites. Good Drama has the entire 10 Episode Live drama series online now. The live version is super cheese-tastic just like the anime/manga. It is so great and definitely worth watching. You won’t regret it. <3

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 92 "That Butler, Service"

Toboso-sensei outdid herself with the illustrations in this new chapter of Black Butler. Outrageously beautiful! The majority of the chapter is comprised of Finny’s back story. It is so sad, yet awesome at the same time. Ciel is still suffering from exposure to the werewolf’s curse. Sebastian cannot even get near him without Ciel freaking out. It is breaking my heart to see these beloved characters in this position. On a happier note, Snake is in a large part of the chapter. Somehow he always comes along and saves the day. I love him so hard. <3 It seems that the green witch is controlling the werewolves. Plus, she is summoning something even worse from the looks of it. The plot certainly did thicken. You shouldn’t miss a minute of it!

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 381 "The Devil’s House"

In this chapter of Fairy Tail, we get to learn Mira, Elfman, and Lisanna’s back story. It is really emotional. The bonds of family will prevail. I’m sure of it. Kick some ass Strauss siblings.


Nap Time - Rin &lt;3

The wheel of sexy, spin at your hearts content ladies.

Attack on Titan will be hitting the Toonami Universe on 5/3/14!!

This is so hilarious!! Ian Sinclair screaming like a girl makes my day! Viva Romano. <3