Tokyo Ghoul Anime Episode 5 "Scar"

Toka ate Yoriko’s human food and therefore has taken ill. Kaneki goes by her apartment to check on her at the request of Yoshimura. Hinami is staying with Toka while her mother goes out, so Kaneki starts helping her with her studies. Yoriko stops by and misunderstands the relationship between Toka and Kaneki.

Shu Tsukiyama is feverishly planning the ultimate meal where Kaneki is the main course. SUPER PERV/CREEPY STALKER

Kaneki finds Nishio being beaten by two thugs and decides to save him regardless of the past. He takes Nishio back to his apartment where he meets Nishio’s human girlfriend Kimi. Kimi wants him by her side regardless of his ghoul nature. She loves Nishio so much that she begs Kaneki to help her find him food. Kaneki agrees to do what he can. On her way home, Kimi is taken hostage by Shu. A letter with a rose awaits Nishio at Anteiku. Shu invites Kaneki to join he and Kimi for dinner at midnight.

Nishio, half dead, shows up at Anteiku looking for Kimi. He insists on going with Kaneki to rescue her. In a church at midnight, Shu reveals his plan to Nishio and Kaneki. Shu wants to feed upon Kaneki while he feeds upon Kimi. This perverse turn of events causes an all out brawl to ensue. Toka joins the fray and challenges Shu. Her attack has no effect on him, and he continues to talk incessantly about the past. Shu and Toka both are very old and have known each other a very long time. Kaneki and Toka attack Shu only to be severely injured. Turning his attentions back to Kimi, Shu discovers a huge scar on her shoulder. This leads to a flashback concerning Nishio and his sister.

Nishio and his sister lived together as ghouls until the ghoul investigators killed her. After her death, Nishio met Kimi. Kimi had also lost her family to an accident, so they naturally gravitated to one another out of a common need for companionship. Kimi did not learn of Nishio being a ghoul until Kaneki almost killed him. She accepted him anyway and allowed Nishio to feed on her.

Nishio attacks Shu and is easily taken down over and over again. When a ghoul has a poor diet they cannot use their (kagune) at full power, so Kaneki and Toka are not strong enough to kill him either. Kaneki allows Toka to feed on his flesh, so her kagune can be activated. Shu claims that Kaneki belongs to him. As Toka attacks she says in return, “There is not a single thing here that belongs to you.”

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Episode 4 “Supper” 晩餐 Bansan

Shu Tsukiyama makes an appearance at Anteiku. Toka warns Kaneki that Shu is not to be trusted. Tsukiyama follows Kaneki to his university where they have a long chat about books, life, and Rize. Knowing very little about the woman that is now part of him, Kaneki takes a strong interest in Shu’s connection to Rize. Despite Toka’s warning, Kaneki agrees to meet up with him again later.

With the ghoul investigators close at hand, Yomo starts teaching Kaneki combat skills. His skills leave much to be desired, so Yomo agrees to train him on his days off. After sparring Yomo takes Kaneki to the Helter Skelter Bar to meet the owner Itori. Itori runs a bar for ghouls, and she seems to be a sort of gossip/info broker. She informs Kaneki that Rize’s death was no accident. Itori also speaks of a human/ghoul couple having half ghoul/half human children with only one ghoul eye. It is incredibly rare but possible.

Kaneki has coffee with Shu. They speak of books and Rize, but his true relationship with Rize was not a good one. Rize refused to join Shu in his quest for more gourmet ghoul food. Shu breaks his coffee cup just remembering Rize’s refusal. Kaneki cuts his hand on the cup, and Shu gets aroused by the smell of his blood. They schedule to have dinner together at Rize’s favorite place. It seems that Kaneki is to be the next item on Shu’s unorthodox menu.

Upon arriving for dinner, Kaneki finds himself in a fight for his life surrounded by masked spectators. Mr. MM or Shu Tsukiyama has trapped him and plans to feed him to his ghoul guests. Kaneki must fight Taro an obese scrapper with a sword. After injuring his leg, Kaneki finally uses his ghoul powers to knock down Taro. Shu did not realize Kaneki is a one-eyed ghoul. When he realizes this, Shu kills Taro and saves Kaneki. He asks him to forget about all that has happened and insists that it was only a joke. At the end of the episode, Shu claims that Kaneki is a treasure, and he will be the only one to eat him.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Episode 3 "Dove" 白鳩 Shirohato

The ghoul investigators Mado and Amon are introduced. Due to their activity in the 20th ward near Anteiku, Toka takes Kaneki to get a mask made at Uta’s shop. In the event of a run-in with the investigators, a mask hides a ghoul’s true identity.

A mother/daughter pair make an appearance at Anteiku after their husband/father is killed by the ghoul investigators. Renji the little girl bonds with Kaneki over books. Toka constantly tells Kaneki how useless he is, so Kaneki’s ability to bond with Renji has brought all of them a little closer together.

Yoshimura sends Kaneki to retrieve food, for ghouls that do not wish to kill humans, with a quiet Anteiku associate named Yomo. They go to a cliff where suicides frequently take place in order to retrieve dead bodies for Renji. Here we discover that there are ghouls that wish to live peacefully among humans. They feed not upon the living but sate their hunger with the bodies of the dead.

Kaneki continues to strengthen his bonds with the Anteiku group and his new way of life.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Episode 2 "Incubation" 孵化 Fuka

Kaneki struggles with his hunger for human flesh after having Rize’s ghoul organs transplanted into his body. A group of interested ghoul onlookers from Anteiku intervene in order to help Kaneki cope with his cravings.

Kaneki and Hide finally reunite only to be thrown into another dire situation. Hide has befriended Nashiki, and he has no idea that Nashiki is the very ghoul that tried to kill Kaneki for hunting in his territory. Nashiki and Kaneki fight again after Hide is knocked unconscious. His conflicting emotions of desire, anger, and hunger cause Kaneki to use his ghoul powers (Rize’s powers) for the first time. He kills Nashiki then almost devours Hide in his ravenous mania.

Toka intervenes once more. Hide and Kaneki are taken back to Anteiku. Yoshimura offers Kaneki a place at Anteiku and asks him to decide for himself if all ghouls are truly monsters.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Episode 1 “Tragedy” 悲劇 Higeki

The story follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who receives organ donations from a ghoul, a human-like creature that hunts and devours human flesh, after he is critically injured. He must deal with life as a half-human/half-ghoul, including interacting with ghoul society and its conflicting factions, while striving to keep his identity secret from other humans.


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Ao no Exorcist Movie <3

Toonami is almost done showing the full set of Blue Exorcist episodes. I just found the movie, so I decided to go ahead and partake of the awesomeness. The animation is beautiful and so is the story line. Don’t miss out.

Watanabe Sensei never disappoints me as far as his anime soundtracks are concerned. Samurai Champloo is my favorite due to the unique stylings of Nujabes. I have also added Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy into my favorite soundtracks category. The musical choices reinforce the beauty of the animes so well. I am totally enchanted (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・